Michael c. Larson, PH.D.    SPEAKER


Dr. Larson will help you enhance your personal and corporate creative leadership skills. He brings to life a set of practical tools that can be applied to any problem you face that demands a creative solution. He has developed a set of mental and physical habits that individuals can practice and cultivate so as to deliberately adopt a creative perspective which permeates every aspect of life. He also shows how leaders and team members alike can shape interpersonal relationships to effectively create a group environment that is conducive to innovative ideas and actions.

Michael has guided hundreds of people in ways of thinking about new problems. His methodology for creatively solving any problem is an adaptation of the techniques used by successful companies to engineer innovative products. He has distilled the essential elements into a framework and shows how you can apply it in any context to maximize your individual creativity and to lead a team in achieving maximum productivity.

Available workshops include:

  1. Living a More Creative Life (one hour)

  2. Will Yourself a More Creative You (half-day)

  3. Energize your Environment (half-day)

  4. Creating a Creative Team (full-day)

  5. Diving Deep into Innovation (3-5 days)

  6. Or work with Michael to create a seminar to suit your needs.